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Remember when you had a full head of hair? When you were not nagged by the thought of losing your hair nearly 24 hours a day! Do you realise how much hairloss puts off potential partners? Take control now and join No Baldness to learn the real solutions. No Baldness can help, but more importantly you have to be willing to help yourself....

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If you are suffering from hairloss/alopecia you already know the pain and anguish it causes. You lose self confidence, self esteem, it can then cause real stress and begin to affect your health! In fact most people actually get really upset by it. It starts to dominate their lives! Does this sound familiar? When you look into possible solutions for solving the problem you are just bombarded with mountains of products which are all made by large commercial companies and you are given hope: "Well I have heard of this company so it must work..." Right?! - WRONG! If you have tried these products you will have been very disappointed - full of despair.

Over 25 years of research has allowed us to reveal something that will turn the entire hair care industry on its head - literally. It is not just a new range of shampoos or conditioners, it is a completely new way of looking at hair care…

Today’s stressful lifestyle, long working hours, pollution, poor diet, combined with alcohol, drugs and smoking, mean that, over time, hair quality declines.

Our research shows that men and women are experiencing significantly more hair and scalp problems ranging from thin, lank, dull hair to alopecia, mostly from the increased stress levels prevailing in today’s modern working environment.

The research and development company behind our range, was formed by David Satchell himself over 25 years ago. After a professional career as a top hair stylist with Vidal Sassoon, David and his team began ground breaking research into what causes many of the hair and scalp problems people are experiencing as a result of today's hectic lifestyles.

We know hair is a bi-product of blood because using spectro-photometry, we can determine the DNA of a person. Forensic scientists now use hair for the testing of drug taking. Therefore to treat the hair and scalp, you cannot obtain a good result by using topical lotions alone. You cannot feed the hair externally. If you could, the shampoo or conditioner would be systemic and that would constitute a drug.

No Baldness also looked at what happened to the composition of the blood when a person was under stress. The extra release of adrenaline and stress chemicals affected the composition of the blood and so logically this area of the cause of the problem had to be addressed. A new breakthrough in the formulation of a vitamin and live enzyme product along with a special water massaging technique gave us the key to a whole new natural concept of hair and scalp treatment.

It has been a long and hard journey to get to where we are today. We have a saying at No Baldness that "seeing is believing". We are all to aware of all the products that are on the market that promise you the earth but are ineffective. As professionals, we decided to wait until we were sure we had the best products to offer before going to the market. It will not be long before all hair and scalp problems will be treated the No Baldness way.

Not many people realise it but hair is a bi-product of blood. Therefore it is logical that to have good hair you need to not only look after your hair but also take care of your scalp and the composition of your blood. The composition of your blood and state of your scalp determines the quality and growth of your hair.

Our overall diet can affect our blood… stress and illness obviously affects our immune system and therefore our hair (we all recall our hair being dull, lank and lifeless during and after a Cold or Flu). Our unique concept treats the hair and scalp from within the body as well as from the outside. Breakthrough!

No longer will we be simply conditioning our hair to try and improve the quality and feel. Our treatment packs assists the body in actually correcting the problem i.e. addressing the cause of poor hair/scalp quality rather than just suppressing the symptoms.

The hair/scalp care packs works by improving your immune system and therefore blood with TN-25; cold massaging with the Stimulator increases scalp circulation; and the shampoo and conditioners add shine, and volume to the hair whilst also cleansing and conditioning the scalp.

Note: All Products Are available individually.

Each pack contains: (For full details see below)

Shampoo Conditioner Scalp Stimulator Lotion TN-25 Live Enzyme Food Supplement

TN-25 Live Enzyme Food Supplement The key to our hair care is boosting the immune system using the Live Enzyme and Vitamin supplement TN-25.

Live enzymes are essential for the absorption of vitamins into the body. They are normally only found in raw fruit and veg and uncooked food which is why we are being increasingly encouraged to each fruits and salads. No Baldness has added the live enzyme complex Enzeplex into the vitamin food supplement TN-25. TN-25 contains a unique blend of live enzymes and probiotics with vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Even if you just washed and conditioned your hair with our shampoos and conditioners your hair would instantly feel better, with more shine and bounce because the products are made traditionally without added silicones etc. Now, in addition, take TN-25 and perform the cold water treatments as instructed and your hair will take on a new dimension feeling fuller, with more elasticity, vitality and body than you could ever imagine!

TN-25 is classified as a food supplement.

It has no binders, fillers, Wheat Lactose, added sugar, artificial colourings, yeast and even the capsule is made of vegetable cellulose not gelatin!! All the ingredients are organoleptically tested for 100% purity, and the capsules are gravity filled to avoid fillers and binders.

Shampoos & Conditioners

Many years ago during No Baldness’s research, it was discovered that using essential oils such as lemon oil, eucalyptus orange oil to name but a few, gave many advantages. It was found that the natural antiseptic qualities of the oils worked wonderfully on the scalp and gave the hair a beautiful shine. More importantly, it was not necessary to use synthetic perfumes to create a "nice smell". The natural citrus flavour was all that was needed, so there was less risk of hypo-allergenic responses.

The great advantage with our products is that being non hormonal, non steroidal and completely formulated from natural ingredients, (the packs do not contain any thickeners, silicon, synthetic perfumes unlike most major brands), they are safe to use by everybody.

No Baldness has many testimonials from people who have used these products. Virtually everyone says the same thing. They cannot believe how different their hair feels. Even after one wash. After a few days of using the products their hair feels fuller, healthier, stronger, with more shine than ever before.


The Stimulator, in conjunction with cold water, creates a wonderful cold and tingly feeling on the scalp. You then massage your scalp to increase the blood flow around the hair follicles. Since you have greatly improved your blood quality and immune system with TN-25 the nurrishments reaching the hair follicles will stimmulate the hair to grow much fuller, shinier and healthier.

Instructions All the packs come with an information booklet and full instructions to obtain the best results from this unique hair and scalp care concept.


We provide the most efficient and guaranteed secure ecommerce system in the world for your peace of mind. Remember when you place an order your security is GUARANTEED.

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